Saturday, May 11, 2013

Are you in your Happy Place with Yourself????

In this world of the “ideal” figure, long silky hair, muscle tonnage, and beautiful clear youthful skin; it is easy to believe that you are lacking something and eventually will desire to search for some “quick fix antidote”.  Whether you are on a weight loss journey, hair journey, road to clearer skin regimen, or trying to gain muscles in certain areas of the body; it may seem that at certain times when you look in the mirror it look as if all of your efforts are hopeless.  You may feel or look bloated, your hair seems like it is not growing or starting to break, your skin appears like it is not clearing up and wrinkles are everywhere, and your body feels as if you have not gained any muscles or seen any changes in your weight.  Well I also have felt this way from time to time about my own body and skin, but one thing I have realized that helped me was to stop spending so much time weighing myself, measuring my hair every week, picking at my skin every day, and trying to witness the change in my muscles every time I did a new workout; instead I only looked in the mirror with the intent of smiling back at myself, encouraging my progress as I continue do the things I love to keep my body in shape.  I have learned that my weight is not always going to be a direct correlation to what I am trying to build up, my skin is going to have horrible days no matter what I eat or products I put on it, my hair will always have minor setbacks as far as its overall growth and condition; however all that matters is that through it all I am happy with myself, healthy, maintaining my diet by eating nutritional foods daily, loving my hair while taking care of it with minor trims and unique fun regimens, keeping my skin supple and moisturized, and finally enjoying my guilty pleasures in moderations and not admiration.  Because I now know that 160 pounds does not look the same on everybody, long hair is not always healthy hair, smooth “looking” skin is not always natural, and big muscles does not always equal endurance and strength and for my college students good grades does not always mean good students or over all intelligence.  So do not let a diet, skin regimen, hair maintenance, or commitment to the gym stress you out to the bitter end, go out and eat a pizza or hamburger, go swimming and get your hair wet, laugh, cry, go dancing, and eat dark chocolate; just have fun and keep the heart and muscles racing with the excitement of being happy with yourself.

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