Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Banding Experience with rubber bands

This time around I decided to try out another stretching method called banding; normally this is done with hair bands, thread, or ouch less scrunchies, but I decide to use rubber bands made only for hair.

On fresh co-washed hair, take a small section, apply a creamy leave-in or oil, finger detangle, two stand twist, and secure the end with a rubber band; continue these steps until all of the hair has been secured, and tie down with a satin durag.

The next morning I removed the durag, gave the hair a light mist of water, and begin removing the bands and unraveling the twists; in order to prevent frizz apply a little oil to your hands before touching your hair.


I loved the fullness and volume my hair possessed throughout the day; the results of this method were very elongated; while the overall procedure was very quick, only taking 20 minutes to set with help of the rubber bands. 

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