Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two Strand Twisted Bantu Knot Out

I created this style by combining the technique of Bantu knots and two strand twisting together to receive these impressive results.  After misting each section with my spritz, I used a dime size of my awesome cocoa butter cream to seal in the moisture, then combed through the section using my wide tooth comb to ensure that my ends were not bunched up.

Then I divided the section into two strands to began twisting; for a more elongated look, I twisted the individual strands as I created the two strand twist; once toward the end, twirl the strand the same direction it was twisted in order to lock it in place, then continue to coil it around itself creating a knot.  The method I chose to secure the knots was by taking the ends of the twist and locking it firmly under the knot; you can also secure them with rubber bands made "only for hair". 

Once all of the knots have been formed, I tied them down with my satin durag and let them set overnight, the next morning after removing the durag, and prepping my hands with a little oil I began unraveling the knots using the same method for unraveling two strand twists, I turn the strand the opposite direction it was twisted until it forms an opening, then using my index finger to glide through the opening until both strands are separated; repeat these steps until all knots are done.  For a much fuller look I fluffed out the strands at the roots, while leaving the ends still together; this keeps the strands from becoming over done and frizzing out.

I absolutely loved the results, my hair stayed stretched and supple throughtout the entire day and even through windy 40 degree weather.  My cocoa butter cream provided as an excellent sealent and detangler without leaving any flakes or particles throughout my hair; this was an excellent styling experiement that I will definitely be doing again.

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