Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sleek Curly Strands

I achieved this style by unraveling my two strand twists without separating the individual strands at all, by using the same method for a creating twist out, I turned the strand the opposite direction until it created an opening, then I took my finger and carefully glided it through as I continued untwisting until the strands were completely separated.  This is the part where if first twisting the hair; do not borrow from either strands or try to twist hair that is not properly stretched for this can create a frizzier look when going through the unraveling process.

One way I like to create a more defined, sleek look was to gradually twist the single strands, while forming the two strand twist, this method also helps the twists remain more secured without becoming too dishevelled.  In a way this style is very similar to single strand coils considering I had to recoil some strands in order to get rid of some frizz and stray hairs.  You can let the twists set for as long as you like, I kept mine in for 2 weeks before doing this style; however that amount of time is not really necessary.

The night time method for this style is just like the two strand twists and single strand coils, mist it a little with a spray bottle mix, and secure with a satin durag; then that following morning remove the rag, mist the hair, while stretching it to make sure the strands stay moist, full, and elongated.  I absolutely enjoyed the results of this style, the strands stayed stretched throughout the entire day without losing hold or shrinking, the overall regimen for maintaining this style is very simple and efficient.  This style is perfect for parties, church events, dates, and job interviews; which helps give the appearance of a compact sleek curly look.   


  1. Keep it up man i like what you're doing here. We need more black natural hair websites for black men. (add ads :ads=money money=expansion.)
    -anonymous messenger

  2. This is the first page I've stumbled across explaining the end results of tying black hair up with rubber bands etc. Keep this up as this is a niche right now for instructions for black men.

    Luke, UK.


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