Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nicholas Williams the Waveking

Today I am excited to share with you all Nicholas Williams a.k.a the Waveking or MondeoFam, this young man is on his wave game like nobody's business and I am honored to have him share a little about himself on my blog.

Your Name? Nicholas Williams

Tell me a little bit about or you ie; interests, job, school, talents, etc?
I’m 19 and currently running my youtube page, which consists of 360 wave tutorials and music. I was named WaveKing by Wavebuilder and have done numerous interviews for blogs. I’m currently in school studying networking.

Do you have a blog or youtube, post link if so?

What is your goal for your youtube or blog?
My goal is to get noticed by someone for my work ethic. Who knows what can happen after that.

Any closing remarks?
Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel and follow me on twitter

And there you have it, Nicholas Williams 360 king, I am currently subscribed to his youtube and love the knowledge he is spreading for anyone interested in improving their wave game.

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