Saturday, December 1, 2012

My New Tropical Coconut Cocoa Butter Sealing Cream

In this recipe I decided to add one of my favorite smelling natural ingredient cocoa butter, not only is it known for its chocolate scent, but also for offering amazing protection from dryness, adding luster to hair to aid with doing set or stretched styles, and is just an overall amazing ingredient.

1.  32 oz container (used for storing)

2.  4 oz. empty bottle (used for mixing liquid solution)

3.  2 oz. of hot or warm water

4.  1 table spoon of honey (used as a humectant, preservative, and to give slight hold)

5.  2 table spoons of any oil of your choice

6.  A couple drops of any additional conditioner you may want to add

7.  2 oz. of cocoa butter (can be purchased at Walgreen's for $1.39 an ounce)

8.  One family size bottle of Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner

9. A mixer for proper mixing and spatula for scrapping mixture in to container.

My first task was to create a liquid solution in the 4 oz bottle; I filled it up half way with only warm water, then added the honey, conditioner, and oil.  Closed the bottle, then shook it until all the ingredients were completely mixed together, make sure there is no honey sticking to the sides or bottom of the bottle.

After the liquid solution has been created I set it aside and began melting the cocoa butter in a metal bowl.

Its better to use the double boiler technique instead of the microwave in order to preserve the cocoa butter's natural properties, be sure to melt it all completely.

Once the cocoa butter has been melted, quickly add the liquid solution followed by the Suave conditioner before it begins to harden again.

Start stirring the mixture as soon as all ingredients are in the bowl with a spatula and immediately start alternating with the mixer in order to properly distribute all ingredients to ensure maximum consistency.

The great thing about using natural butters in mixtures is their ability to expand when whipped constantly, as a result of the air particles that are bought in with the turning force of the mixer.

Continue to whip until all ingredients have merged together and the desired creaminess is achieved, then use a spatula to scrape all of the mixture into the 32 oz. container and seal it shut with the lid.

Allow the mix to settle for a couple hours for maximum results in thickness; if done properly the mixture should have a thick whipped cream texture with no cocoa butter chunks.

The next day I decided to put this concoction to the test, by using it for my two strand twist style, and I must say it was definitely amazing, my hair was a breeze to detangle, the twists were very supple and had great hold, and the best part is it only took a dime size for each strand, so I barely made a dent in the remaining amount.

I absolutely loved everything this mixture had to offer, from its amazing spread, great sealing properties, and heavenly smell to its consistency and the fact that this recipe was something I put together myself. 


This mixture is probably going to last me a couple months like the others depending on the styles I use this mixture on; if you are interested in doing this recipe, remember you don't have to measure everything as is.  Get creative and make this formula your own creation, do it however you feel is best for your hair needs because at the end of the day, that's what makes the difference. 

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