Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Flat Twist Protective Style

Well its that time of year again, temperature's dropping, while the air molecules are becoming drier; which means its operation protect those ends; once again I failed at cornrowing my own hair, so this time I decided to flat twist instead.

So after gathering my cocoa butter cream sealer, clamps, spritz, rat tail, and wide tooth comb; I began by spritzing my whole head; make sure hair has been properly detangled and shampoo before starting or you will be in for a huge mess.   

Once my hair has been moisturized, I take my rat tail comb and part my hair trying to be as neat as possible, then using the clamps to secure all loose hair to avoid crossing sections and creating a messing look.  After the hair has been separated, I take a nickel size of cocoa butter cream to apply to the ends and work my way down to the roots.  Then using my wide tooth comb, I comb out the ends making sure they are detangled and ready.


After the hair has been prepped, I began the flat twisting process by taking the first two strands and continue twisting around one another, while gradually adding more hair until getting to the end or the center of my scalp.  Then I lock the flat twist with a basic two strand twist, continuing these steps until all hair has been flat twisted, while for the remaining hair, I do basic two strand twist until all of the hair has been twisted.

This a great protective style for the winter and can be worn for one or two weeks depending on one's regimen;  I still have some work to do in perfecting this look.  In the mean time, I do love the overall simplicity of maintaining this look; all it takes is a light mist of my leave-in conditioner, while at night I sometimes seal in the moisture with either my cocoa butter cream or oil, then secure it with my satin durag.  Also for those of you who are like me with H.I.H.S. (Hand in Hair Syndrome) this style is definitely perfect for keeping your hands away from your hair because everyone prefers sleek looking flat twists, not frizzy.

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