Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Milk and Caramel Deep Treatment

So after wearing two strand twists for 2 and a half weeks, then practicing two strand flat twisting among other things, I figured my hair needed a new kind of restoring, so I went into the kitchen and threw some things together.

1.  Milk- for protein and vitamin D.

2.  Caramel- for moisture, adding luster, and shine.

3.  Flour- to thicken the mixture, but also contains Niacin, Iron, Folic Acid, Thiamin, and Riboflavin.

Generally I don't like to measure the ingredients precisely; but just keep adding them until the consistency is what I desire.

I love getting it a nice cake icing consistency; which is perfect for my hair type.

After misting my hair with a little water, I spread the mixture throughout my hair starting at ends and spreading throughout my whole head; I do not clump the hair, for this can cause knots and tangles, but beginning at the ends and working my way down close to the roots.

Once finished, I wrapped my hair under a two plastic bags to secure plenty of heat for optimal penetration; during my treatment I usually take time to get a good exercise and then take a steamy shower.  Originally I was going to do it for 2 hours, but that soon turned into an overnight treatment, but after all the manipulation my hair has been through it was definitely needed. 

That morning I rinsed out my hair completely with warm water making sure to get all residue out of my hair following up with a thorough co-wash, after my final rinse; I could definitely tell a big difference, my hair felt very smooth, full, and silky, this recipe is definitely a keeper.

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