Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Full Day Set Twist Out

So instead of doing a typical twist out that one allows to set overnight, I decided to let my twists set for a full day instead.

First I began by misting my hair with my spray bottle mix, to make it more pliable and easier to work with.

After taking a small section of hair, I then took a dime size amount of my leave-in cream and saturated the section; then used my comb and began detangling starting at the ends and working my way down to the roots.

After the section is fully detangled, I separate into two strands and began twisting while being careful not to borrow hair from either strand, once towards the end I twirled the combined strand in the same direction the hair was twisted in their individual strands to lock the ends.

Usually during those steps I also take the time to do some trimming and dusting on my ends that are unrepairable.

I continued these steps until all of the hair is twisted, then secured with my satin durag and prepared for bed.

The next day all I did to my hair was give it a light mist with my spray bottle mix then covered it back up with my durag; however if you are headed out and don't want your hair exposed or durag showing, cover up it up with your favorite hat or beanie and enjoy your day.

The next morning after getting dressed, I prepared to take down my twist, first I lightly spritzed my hair with my spray bottle mix, then I applied a quarter size amount of oil to my hands to prevent frizz, and unraveled each twist.  A great way I learned to unravel is to turn the twist the opposite direction it was twisted in until it created an opening and then gently pull the stands separate from that opening; continue this method until all twists are unraveled, then use a pick or wide tooth comb and carefully lift hair from the roots until desired fullness is reached. 

This look turned out ultra defined, stretched, and even got mistaken for a wig and asked if it was achieved by a professional; I absolutely loved the textures it created along with the enhanced shine and fullness.  My hair felt extremely nice and supple the entire day without looking too worn out by the time night rolled around.  This set style is perfect for anyone wishing to have their look already planned out and setting ahead of time without having to do it the night before and deal any damp or looseness ness that could occur.

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