Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Combination Twist Out

So this was an idea I came up with when I was trying to do flat twists, but instead decided to create something different.  After saturating my whole head with my spray bottle mix and applying my leave-in treatment to the ends of my hair, I began by flat twisting the sides of my head.

Once finished flat twisting the sides, I began to two strand twist the rest of my head using the same twisting method for basic two strand twists.

After finishing my entire head I secured it with my satin durag and went to bed, the next morning after getting dressed I removed the durag, mist my hair with my spray bottle mix, and prepped my hands for the take down with a quarter size amount of oil.

I started by gently unraveling the two strand twists first by turning the twists the opposite direction until the two strands reveal an opening, then pull from the opening both strands are separated.

Once all of the two strand twists were unraveled, I moved on to the flat twists; the method used for unraveling is the same, but the only difference is your working with one long twist, you start by beginning at the end using the same method for undoing basic two strand twists.

I really loved the difference in texture definition throughout my whole head, the sides my hair was more stretched while the top was more curly and defined which created a balanced combination of textures.  This look also received a lot of complements and really impressed  me as for as my hair's overall suppleness and healthy glow.

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