Thursday, November 29, 2012

Combination Twist Out 3

This was my best one so far, my flat twisting skills had improved a little and this technique was able to create a great style.

As always I started on the sides, and made sure to keep all loose hairs secured and out of the way with butterfly clips, and flat twisted all the way to the end of my scalp. 

Once completed with both sides, I began working my way toward the top of my head; leaving room for basic two strand twists.

After I had finished, I began two strand twisting the remaining hair until every strand was locked in; then secured with my durag and let it set for an entire day.

Throughout the setting period I would occasionally mist the hair with my spray bottle mix and sealed my oil or leave-in conditioner to keep my scalp and strands from becoming too dry.

This style can worn out as a protective style, but my flat twisting skills are still in development, I had it secured under my beanie whenever I would go out.  That night I gave my hair another mist and seal to ensure moisture, retied my durag, and went to bed.

That morning after doing my usual morning routine; I prepped my hair with a little mist for my spray bottle mix followed by oiling my hands to prevent frizz during the take down.  Again using the same method as before, turn the twist the opposite direction it was twisted until both twists create an opening then pull them apart from that opening. 

Continue to repeat this process until all twists are unravelled, then separate the strands additionally until desired texture is reached; do not over separate for this will lead to extreme fuzziness and shrinkage will occur, you can also use a pick or wide tooth comb lift your roots to create a fuller look.

I loved every bit of the results this technique bought forth, the combination of twists created a gorgeous stretched texture, which once again received a lot of complements, looked supple, and most importantly felt amazing.  


  1. That looks like a lot of work, but the results seem worth it. Good job.

    1. Thanks a lot, it took some time to complete

  2. Dude, you make this look too easy, lol. Very nice results!!

    1. thank you so much, trust me it wasn't easy, lol


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