Monday, September 24, 2012

My Honey Greek Yogurt Restorative Hair Deep Treatment

After wearing my hair in single strand coils for 2 weeks, I figured my hair needed an all natural deep treatment, so I went shopping around and found my solution.

1. one container of Honey Greek Yogurt (approximately 5 oz.)

2.  2 table spoons of honey

3. a dollop of peanut butter ( for added thickness)

4. one table spoon of a lightweight oil of your choice

I first take all of the ingredients and combine them together in a bowl.

Then I distribute the mixture throughout my hair focusing mainly on the ends.

Afterwards I cover my head with a plastic cap and let sit anywhere from an hour to overnight (I kept it on overnight).

In the morning I thoroughly rinsed the mixture from my hair making sure all forms of residue was out of my hair, you can either just rinse your hair with warm followed by cold water or you can co-wash with your favorite conditioner, its up to you; the results form the treatment left my hair feeling revived and much fuller, I will definitely be using this recipe again.

Disclaimer:  You can tweak this recipe however you like, I would highly recommend doing this on detangled, shampooed hair, overall.

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