Friday, September 28, 2012

My coil out

After enjoying my single strand coils for two weeks I began to want to two something different, plus my coils were starting to look a bit rough, so I decided to unravel the coils to see how my hair would look.

First I wet my hair with fresh water (only do this if coils are dry), then I take some leave-in and smooth it down each coil I unravel them.  Depending on the size of the coil will determine how many times to split the coil apart, but I try not to do it no more than three times.  After unraveling my entire head, I mist my hair with my hair spritz and the style is complete, if you would like to add more shape, take a wide tooth comb or pick and pull up at the roots careful not to go all the way through the strands, for doing that can ruin the texture. 

As you can see I was quite pleased with the results, this style can be worn for a couple days depending on length, to maintain this style simply rinse your hair gently in morning, apply a small amount of leave-in, and finger style; followed by a light spritz, then at night spritz again and cover with a durag or scarf. 

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