Thursday, September 27, 2012

How I did my textured afro naturally

This was my go to style when my hair exceeded the mini coils phase, but was too short for me to do by myself in twists or finger coils, its a very simple style that really goes with your natural hair texture.

Again on freshly washed and detangled hair, pat your hair gently with towel or t-shirt until its 80% dry, then I take my enhanced leave-in conditioner apply a little over a quarter size amount and apply to my entire head starting at the ends and working my way down to the roots, I continue to guide my fingers into multiple directions until I get the desired results I'm looking for.

After I'm finished styling, I take my spritz bottle and "lightly" mist my hair, carefully making sure I don't drench my hair.

At night I give my hair another light mist and wrap it in my satin durag and in the mornings I give my hair a light rinse of fresh water and repeat the same steps listed above.  To give my hair an even shape I take my wide tooth comb pick my hair at the roots only, not bringing the comb all the way to ends, because you don't want to stretch or ruin the natural texture.

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