Thursday, September 27, 2012

How I did my mini coils

      When starting your hair journey, there will be a lot of days when you are going to want to do something different to your hair, this style I am about to type about is perfect for hair length just over an inch and can be kept in for about 3 to 5 days.

On freshly washed and conditioned hair, you take about a quarter size of thick grease or pomade, rub it in between your heads, while spreading it throughout the ends of your entire head, use more if necessary, then you repeat the step again, but this time you rub throughout your head in circular motions until you create your desired look.

They should look almost like starter locs, these are a great DIY low maintenance style that only requires you mist with a small spritz of water at night before covering with a satin durag or scarf before going to bed, then in the morning, carefully remove the durag and let the steam of the shower marinate your hair, get dressed, and out the door you go.  I would recommend; however during the cold winter months keeping your head covered with your durag, then placing your winter cap over it to protect your scalp from the cold air, considering your scalp is exposed.  Once you arrive to your destination you can unveil to everyone your new style creation. 

Removing the style is a breeze, just rinse your hair with warm water before shampooing out the remaining product residue, de-tangle your hair after applying conditioner, and your hair should be to normal.

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