Friday, September 28, 2012

How I did my hair in two strand twists

After watching countless YouTube videos, reading blogs, and self imaging, I finally psyched myself up to do two strand twists on my hair by myself for the first time, and I must say it was quite an experience.

Again on freshly washed, detangled hair I apply a quarter size amount of leave-in conditioner to my entire head focusing more on the ends, afterwards starting in the back of my head, I take in about ¼ of an inch or more depending on the length and desired size of twist (for shorter hair, use less hair) apply more leave-in from root to tip, comb out the section, split the section evenly in to two parts, and twist making sure not to borrow from each strand for in doing so could lead to knots and tangles.   

Once you get to the end on the twist you twirl the remaining hair in the direction of the twist, so if you are twisting clockwise, twirl the remaining the same direction, and vise-versa; continue to repeat this process until you finish your entire head.

I always make this style last at least two weeks, it can last longer if you would like, every night I take my spray bottle mix to lightly moisturize my twists, and cover with my satin durag.  In the morning I give my hair a very light mist, to give it some moisture and a supple look, every few nights I may add some of my leave-in to the ends of my twists to give them some luster, then adding some product to the roots, but not too much, for you don’t want to clog the pores in your scalp.  At the end of the week I give my hair a full rinse out letting the warm water wash away any buildup in my scalp, once out of the shower I give my hair a light blow-dry without completely drying my hair.  I then take some leave-in and apply it to my twists, mostly focusing on the ends, and later apply to the roots.

After the product has been applied I let the product dissolve before covering with my satin durag, in the morning I repeat my moisturizing spritz routine everyday for the remainder of the following week until I remove the twist.

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