Monday, August 27, 2012

Peppermint Tea Daily Moisturizing Spritz

Here's a new recipe I wanted to try out and I must say it feels amazing in my hair.

1. an 8 oz spray bottle.

2. 1 packet of peppermint tea.

3. 1 cup of water to dissolve the tea in

4. 1 table spoon of an oil of your choice.

5. 1 tsp. of honey for freshness.

6. 1tsp. of lemon or lime juice freshness.

Once you heat the water with the tea bag, let it sit out in room temperature for about 10 minutes, then when the water has cooled off you take the tea bag and squeeze the excess water out.  After that has been completed you pour the tea into the spray bottle, and then add the remaining ingredients, if the bottle is not full enough you may add a little bit more water leaving it at least an inch of space from the top.  Once all ingredients have been added and the top has been secured, you shake bottle ensuring the ingredients mix with one another and your done, spray on your hair thtoughout the day to give it somemore moisture and shine.

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