Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh Olive Oil

Olive oil has so many uses we may not be aware of until now................................

1. Get Healthy Skin (And Fight Cancer!)

People have used olive oil for centuries because its a great moisturizer that contains linoleic acid, a compound not made by the body, but prevents water from evaporating. According to skin type researchers consuming olives and applying olive oil directly can promote healthy skin. You can also add a bit of olive oil to a warm bath for a good healthy soak.

Some of the most exciting news is that olive oil also contains at least four different antioxidants, which can help "neutralize damaging free radicals that can lead to skin aging and skin cancer." According to studies mice that drank extra virgin olive oil developed less skin cancer after exposure to UV light.


Olive oil can also provide a safe and natural lubricant for a close shave as well as a soothing aftershave; by rubbing an extra teaspoon of the stuff after rinsing off.  Similarly, olive oil can also soothe chapped lips; in order to make your own balm start by mixing olive oil and melted beeswax in a 1:1 ratio (add an additional essential oil if you want a nice fragrance). According to the handy new Website AltUse, you can moisturize your cuticles by soaking in olive oil mixed with water, or apply olive oil directly to cuticles before applying polish or buffing nails.

2. Manage Tangled and Damaged Hair  

Olive oil also has benefits for the hair by combing a bit of the stuff through dry or frizzy hair can help tame and moisturize your locks, especially in winter or on humid days. It can also provide some relief for damaged hair; in his new book Clean Body; Zen Cleaner Michael de Jong recommends treating your hair by massaging a few tablespoons of olive oil into your scalp and hair. "Envelop your oiled-up curls with a shower cap and take a thirty minute breather...snooze, toss back a latté, whatever. Then just shampoo as usual to reveal a refurbished mane that even Fabio would envy," he writes.

3. Care for Your Cat     

Just as we as humans can benefit from grooming with olive oil, so can Fluffy; according to curbly.com, add a teaspoon of olive oil to your cat’s food to help prevent hairballs, as well as promote a shiny, healthy coat. Olive oil is more likely to be gentler on a cat's system than petroleum-based anti-hairball lubricants. Plus, it has the benefit of coming from a renewable resource, as opposed to oil from the ground.

4. Ease Snoring (my dad needs this, lol)

Kitties aren't the only ones who can take advantage of natural lubricating properties of olive oil (yes it can be used as a "personal lubricant,” for one’s passages).  According to AltUse, taking a sip of olive oil before heading to bed can help lubricate your throat muscles, cutting down on snoring; my mother and all the neighbors on our block would definitely be glad to hear this.  Others have also noted that downing a teaspoon of olive oil can also help soothe a scratchy or ticklish throat.

5. Polish Furniture and Metal (and Condition Leather)

Silverware, copper and other metal items can be polished with ketchup or toothpaste, after you're done rub a bit of olive oil on to prevent streaks, corrosion and tarnish. According to Michael de Jong, to polish your desk, use two parts olive oil mixed with one part lemon juice.  Pour just a few drops on a soft cloth, wipe away the dust, scuffs and fingerprints, and make your desk shine; in fact this technique works well for a range of wooden furniture and objects. You can also condition and invigorate leather goods, such as baseball mitts, by rubbing in olive oil, let it set for 30 minutes, and then wipe away any excess.

6. Free Stuck Zippers  

So if you are crossed by this particular hindrance, break out the olive oil, swab some of the stuff on the teeth of the zipper, and then try gently easing it unstuck. Good luck!

7. Fix Squeaky Doors

Olive oil can actually be used as a lubricant in many applications; it's safe to keep around the house, so you don’t have to worry about children or pets getting into it. Try using it on squeaky doors, hinges, and anywhere else you might consider using WD-40 or another lubricant. While WD-40 may work well, it's also based on hydrocarbons, so anytime we can use less of those we're taking a step toward a cleaner world.

8. Cure an Earache

A number of people swear by olive oil as a natural remedy for earaches; one suggests to “carefully use a cotton swab to apply olive oil toward the outside ear cavity to help with earaches and excess wax." Another user suggests: heat up some olive oil in a microwave for 30 seconds then apply it to the ear that hurts for relief.


Some societies also swear by the alternative health treatment ozonated olive oil, which is made by bubbling ozone into the oil until it forms a paste. That the result is said to be good for soothing skin and promote healing, I haven't had a chance yet to try it for myself, but if anyone has any experience with it let me know!

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