Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The beauty of rose water

Before I begin, let's start by clearing everyone's weird expression by clarifying that there is such thing as rose water; it's a by-product made when producing rose oil, carrying with it a beautiful scent and natural healing properties.  It is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A and it has antioxidants that help to get rid of distressed skin while giving you a glowing complexion.  Rose water is a natural astringent with anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as being excellent for hydrating and rejuvenating the skin.

1. Benefits for the skin. 

Rose water is very constructive for the skin and is used in various kinds of creams and face masks. It helps in the purification and cleansing of normal skin. The application of rose water on oily skin balances the oil contents and tones the skin; sensitive skin is cooled and soothed by the use of rose water. It helps in healing wounds and sunburns caused on all skin types and can also be applied as an aftershave to soothe burning irritated skin.

2. Benefits for the hair.

The qualities of rose water are very well known among hair dressers by making up the major ingredient of various hair-care products. Regular applications of rose water take good care of scalp and hair, by reducing inflammations, increases blood supply in the scalp, and promotes hair growth.

3. Relaxation from stress and fatigue.

Adding rose water to warm bath water relieves fatigue, by producing a relaxing effect that improves mood in conditions of stress and depression.  Applying a cold compress of rose water for approximately 45 minutes helps in relieving headache as well.

4. Healing properties.

Rose water also has healing properties that are suitable for soothing the conditions of sore throat as well as treating inflamed glands.

5. Benefits to the eyes.

Rose water can be used as eye drops for soothing effect in tired and fatigued eyes. People sitting in front of computers pulling all-nighters should make regular use of rose water as eye drops.

6. Benefits to the teeth.

Rose water is very beneficial for teeth; dentists use it for treating teeth problems like paradontosis. Also by applying a cotton swab soaked in rose water can be used for treating and relieving inflamed gums. Warm rose water can also be taken in your mouth for treating gums. Consistent use of rose water helps in relieving and curing paining gums, strengthening of loose teeth and removes bad odors from the mouth.

Rose water is easily available at any health store and is affordable by all so instead of spending large amounts of money on purchasing beauty products, buy a bottle of rose water and see the radiance it brings to your skin :) 

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