Monday, January 23, 2012

My Hair Regimen

My morning regimen consist of :
  • a light mist of my leave in concoction which consist of (water, a couple drops of honey, Giovanni tea tree conditioner, and mane n tail herbal conditioner).
  • followed by a small amount of jojoba oil, in which I message in to my scalp, before brushing my hair.
While at night:
  • I spray another light mist of my leave in concoction.
  • follow by a nice scalp message with Jamola Sweet Oil 3 and Vatika Coconut Oil, and then brushing my hair one last time before putting on my satin durag (which I purchased at Targets). 
And most guys would be ashamed to admit it I do deep condition my hair once or twice a week overnight with honey, conditioner, and any other beneficial ingredients I can find, followed by shampooing with either mane n tail herbal or organix silky vanilla shampoo, and then I repeat. 

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