Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to make you own leave-in conditioner for cheap ;)

Whether your on a budget, looking for a way to cut corners, or just try something new just for the heck of it; making your own moisturizing spray is not as difficult as it sounds, in fact its a very rewarding feeling knowing that you made something that works for you.

1.  First you'll need a spray bottle preferably one that can lock, and is made from hard plastic, so it won't warp overtime.

You can find this kind at Sally's for around $4.00, I currently use this kind and it's still in excellent shape, its also 16 oz.
2.  Second, you'll need any regular conditioner, I highly recommend just using the trial sizes which run you around 2 bucks, since you won't need that much.
This will run you about $1.99 at Randall's, other great brands you can use are Tresemme, Giovanni, Dove, and many others.
 3.  Next you will need honey, as a natural preservative to prevent mildew and mold, it only take 1 or 2 teaspoons worth, mainly because of its potency and stickiness.
Honey's price can vary all across the board; however you can get it for free from restaurants, hotels, Starbucks, anywhere that serves breakfast, lol
4. And of course the most important ingredient of them all, water, it can be tap, distilled, drinking, spring, rose, whatever as long as its considered water.
Water is the most moisturizing element and ingredient on earth and is the main ingredient in millions of hair products, especially leavin conditioner.
 5. Once you fill the bottle to the desired level shake it up until all ingredient have been broken down and mixed together, and congratulations you have made your own leavin conditioner.

The funnest thing about doing this is knowing when you run out all you have to do is repeat your ingredients or customize it however you want, just remember to add a preservative, because overtime water can mildew when exposed to air, in a closed container and yea, good luck and happy mixing. :)

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