Friday, January 27, 2012

Cheap, but great ingredients for hair

Let's face it loading up on natural ingredients at whole foods, central market, or any other natural market is very pricey, but luckily there are other alternatives than ordering from Amazon if you want the ingredients quicker.

De La Cruz Sweet Almond Oil 2oz. for $2.76 @ Wal-Mart (smells delicious especially when mixed with eucalyptus)

De Le Cruz Avacodo Oil 2 oz. for $2.56 @ Wal-Mart

De La Cruz Olive Oil 2 oz. for $1.86 @ Wal-Mart

De La Cruz Eucalyptus Oil 2 oz for $2.76 @ Wal-Mart

De La Cruz Castor Oil 2 oz. for $1.88 @ Fiesta

Lou Ana Pure Coconut Oil 31.5 oz.for $5.98 @ Wal-Mart (great for shea butter mixes and stand alone as well)

 De La Cruz Glycerin 2 oz. for $1.88 @ Fiesta

Jaloma Sweet Oil 3; 4oz. for $1.99 @ Fiesta

Contains olive, castor, and almond oil (highly recommended product)

Cococare cocoa butter stick 1 oz. for $1.36 @ Walgreenes 
And there you have it :)


  1. i see that these products i can find at walmart in the spanish isle. (BTW- i absolutely love spanish food) :o)

  2. Glad you enjoyed the article, thanks for the comment :)


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